Washington State SAR Comes to Republic

Ferry County Search and Rescue (SAR) is fortunate to be hosting the 2017 Washington State SAR Conference.  This annual conference provides multiple specialty training courses to SAR members, from lecture-style training to hands-on skills training.  The Conference is a great economic boost to small communities, like Ferry County, as the hundreds of attendees will spend money at local resorts, restaurants, and stores during the week-long event.  This year, pre-Conference events will be happening March 15-18, and the Conference will take place from the 19th-21st.

SAR teams provide a critical function assisting law enforcement and emergency management rescue efforts.  "Each member is a volunteer skilled in rapid response rescue techniques, First Aid and CPR, and trained in using specialized rescue equipment. (from https://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-Ferry-County-Search-and-Rescue-367135423900/)."  

Ferry County SAR is an entirely volunteer organization and we are so thankful that we have this service in our community.  During the conference, be sure to give a sincere "thank you" to the SAR members you see around town.